Wednesday, October 21, 2009

skunks don't change their stripes

It's hard to keep the cat away from the gerbil cage.

We've been trying to train him, but with Genki living in my apartment and I a college student, he does spend much of the day sans people. So far, we've had some good feedback with my cheapo Ikea squirtbottle (which I love, along with the huge--I mean huge--three dollar umbrella!) though I try to balance that with positive feedback as well. Funny how I'm trying to be a good "mom" here, when I spend much of the time flinging him onto the bed and calling him a stinky skunk... no trust me, he's not fixed, so he sprays. Thanks to all the gods that he sprays only in the litter box and that box is in a closet with a door! Though his stripes are rather handsome.
Here is the skunk in my window at the old place:

He's a big frame, but skinny. Silly guy can even be a lap-cat(!) when he feels so inclined.

Like now. :)

Though I didn't think I'd be skipping rapier tonight to start a blog; I have the search engine all set to find resources for my bioremediation paper, but a video on today's post in Food Wishes ( made me ache for something I've been craving a long time now: handmade, homemade, everything-from-scratch real food. Sometimes I still wonder why I haven't gone to culinary school (in the end I thought saving threatened and polluted ecosystems outweighed the work involved in professional foodery) since I'm addicted to food in its many incarnations. I have a vast list of recipes to try someday, along with a sizeable stash of spices and ingredients that just need the right time and inspiration to really make something awesome.

I wonder if this yearning for homemade bread reflects something deeper, or if I'm just a helpless foodie caught with desire and disappointment. But I will make stew tomorrow! (Still deciding whether it wants sour cream, but we'll see; my rice-cooker will see some use yet.)

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