Monday, December 21, 2009

After a week of busting my butt, it's all over. It feels so strange not to have homework or anything on a deadline... it's both comforting and confusing. Just what am I supposed to do with all this free time?

Thankfully, there's projects to work on and housecleaning to do; tonight we're transferring Genki to his home-away-from-home in preparation for my big trip (the gerbils go to a friend's place). Recently, I bugged my boyfriend into getting me some suede dye as a Yule gift (~giggles~ and hey, it was cheap too! he got the big gift this year) so I could recolor a pair of boots I'd gotten a couple years ago. The really light tan color wasn't doing anything for me, and they're loose around the ankles too, so after I order more dye they're getting grommets and lacing. It's fun to see a cheap pair of pseudo-fashion boots undergo this makeover ^^ I just had hoped that one bottle of dark red would be enough! Oh well, I'll get more eventually. So far, they're looking good.

Knitting is also on the list of things to do, and I think I'll be bringing my mom's shawl project with me when we go down South. It's always nice to have something for my hands to do during such long car rides.

If you don't know about Pandora Online Radio, I recommend Googling it and making a Bela Fleck station--some of the best bluegrass, acoustic, jazz, and mixed genre music around. Incredibly skilled musicians here, so check it out! Also makes sweet background music to whatever you're doing. ^^

Relaxing is nice.

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