Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, the time is soon coming for our Protogrove's Ostara rite, and it looks like I get to lead again. (I wrote the ritual for last year, so I just dusted that off, polished it up, and we're ready to go for this year). As the local Norse-centered member, it's kind of fun to be the local "expert"; not that I actually am, but it is my area of focus and I can at least tell you where to look for more information.

As it is, I've managed to head over to my local Pagan supply shop and pick up some new candles and incense. This has also led to some de-cluttering of my altar... like finally removing all that broken glass. ahem. Safety hazards aside, the melting snow and sunny days are heightening my hopes for a good Spring and growing luck and good things for this coming year. It feels like troubles are melting with the snow... now that would make for an interesting ritual.

Idea: create a snowman or sculpture representing something you wish to be rid of. Make sure to build it out in a sunny area where it will melt faster!
Attach or place within a list of things or symbolic items (like cigarettes, poker chips, etc.) that one wishes to be rid of in the coming months.
While the sculpture melts, record your active progress in a journal. See what you're doing to resolve the issue, and compare it with how fast the melting occurs. It might not be possible for you to stop doing whatever bad habit by the time the snow melts, but it's a good start!

Note to self: need some chocolate eggs for ritual. Can't forget those! :)

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