Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've finally starting writing things down for the DP. Starting simple, with the holidays. I suppose I can do the altar planning one too, as I just rearranged it recently. Things around me tend to accumulate junk or random bits of stuff, and the altar is no exception. Bits of wax, pine needles, lots of acorns... now it boasts a pretty pottery candle-holder I found at Savers of all places.

On a more personal note;
it's strange how you can miss someone when two weeks ago you felt like you couldn't take much more of them.
My boyfriend is studying abroad for a month-long language intensive so he can be done with one major's requirements (he has two, which is a story in and of itself) and graduate a little sooner.

What happened now seems fairly obvious--nothing like some distance and time apart to put things in perspective, right?--that we spend the majority of our time with each other, and it was that which was slowly driving us nuts. All those little things that sneak their way under your skin were getting unbearable lately. We just couldn't leave each other alone. I ended up feeling criticized more than I felt was fair, we were both worn out from the long bus rides between our respective residences, and his jokes were just getting so old!

I was happy to see him to the airport, and the first week felt like a real vacation even though I was the one staying home.
well, his internet is rather limited, and half the time I don't know what to do with all my spare time (I've never been one to schedule my every minute as it is) so we end up thinking "shit. now what?"

or at least I do.


  1. I was in a long distance relationship with someone once. It was always that way - I live in America and he lives in England. It was hard. I wish you luck. :)

    On the positive end of things, I like how your alter is turning out! I see a representation of the fire and well... do the acorns represent the tree? I don't see why they shouldn't! I've never encountered that before, but I can imagine some great ritual visualizations in which the seed grows in to a mighty oak!

  2. actually, I've been thinking lately that I should make a tree. My plan so far involves twisting wire together into a trunk, and then the ends turn into three great roots and several boughs.
    Now I just need to go get about a dozen wire coathangers...

    and thanks! ^^