Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You look for one thing, and find another

Just read this post on The Ditzy Druid, and finally got around to giving Thor the stout I promised him for helping me out a few weeks ago.
Also having recently discovered this amazing blog written by some seidh-sisters here in the Midwest, I decided to get a little more of my spiritual act together and do some gorram meditating.
Lit candles, new stick of incense, offered the stout, and ended up donning the crow mask I had made a couple years ago for a quick Halloween costume to try my hand at spirit-walking.

I think I'm going about beginning the right way--or at least, a way that kind of works--by perching on the edge of my seat and assuming a bird-like pose while holding the sound of cawing crows in my mind. It was hard to picture things clearly, but I think I was able to hop around the branches of a tree a bit (no idea if it was the tree outside my apartment or some otherworldly Tree).

Suddenly a sound came through the open windows, and something in me knew enough to get alert.

Turns out a couple guys were knocking on the door. As my room is situated right above the front door and I happen to be house manager here, I was able to ask them out my window if they needed anything. Turns out they're college students looking for rooms to rent; I offered a house tour.

* * *

Well, I guess in lieu of spirit-work, it was back to convincing folk that our house is a good place to rent a room. 'Twas nice to meet those guys though. They seemed good folk, and it'll be good to have the house full up at last.

I think this means the Gods are happy enough with me for now. If anything, I'd say that was Thor's way of giving a pat on the back and saying, "well, it's all right. Now go do your stuff!"


  1. Awesome! I'm happy to know that my post inspired you. Thanks for sharing that other blog! They sound like an interesting group.


  2. Bad news, girl. I don't wanna lose you. Jesus doesn't, either. But He shall if you continue this horizontal idolatry/witchcraft which'll hit-you-in-the-ass when it comes 'round again. Don't do this, girl, and condemn yourself. The Devil wants YOU to practice all kindsa sorcery and converse withe dead to get mighty, and, after when you believe you don't need God anymore, you'll croak, and two things'll happen. After you rise to get Divinely Judged (at the general judgment), Jesus shall condemn you for not obeying Him, casting you out; the Devil shall be filled with everlasting glee, seeing you fall down to the Abyss where you'll thirst eternally for the Trinity. But find Him, you will not --- Here's what you need to do to save-thy-soul: find a church, preferably Roamin' Catholicism, take RCIA, repent and believe. You don't have that long, girl, and you AIN'T immortal. You're a sinner like me. Your choice, your demise. I love you. That's precisely why I'm doing such a flagrantly bellicose objection. God bless --- Here's some Latin fer ya: JUSTORUM ANIMAE IN MANU DEI SUNT ET NON TANGENT ILLOS TORMENTUM MORTIS (the just [wo]man shall be in everlasting rememberance). Be at peace.

  3. Kold:
    Firstly, all comments on this blog are approved or rejected by me before they ever appear for others to see. Please understand that I respect where you're coming from by having approved your comment.
    Secondly, I was in fact raised Christian, and found many things in that faith that either did not make sense to me or just didn't seem to speak to me as the one big truth that I should follow. (Happened to grow up Diet Catholic, aka Anglican Episcopalian)
    I appreciate your concern, but I believe that what I do with myself and my soul is my business.
    In exchange for the Latin, I will give you this quote from Skirnismol: "Fearlessness is better than a faint heart for any man who puts his nose out of doors. The length of my life and the day of my death were fated long ago."
    thanks, and have a good day.