Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I'm looking into a coven.

(does this sound weird to you? Typing about it certainly sounds weird to me.)
(says the former Episcopalian :P)

Anyway, thanks to the wonderful folks running WitchVox, and the fact that I live in Paganistan, there's loads to choose from in the Metro area. Here's hoping the group elder I've contacted and I can get our schedules clear for coffee soon!

 In other news, the fiance and I are sick unto death of our current jobs--he much more so than I--and applications to new ones are in the works. I would love nothing more than to work somewhere wild, if I could; yet we must balance one to the other, and find new things that will work for us both.
He wants to get into gunsmithing, which normally isn't really a job-job (something you can make a living from) unless you get hired by a big company. In all honesty, I hope that's what happens, even though it's not entirely likely. Good thing there's a reputedly awesome school for it in Colorado, which has lots of awesome parks nearby for me to work in.
We just have to live through this autumn where we are, as father-in-law-to-be has surgery in October. I just hope fiance can find another gig locally before then so he doesn't go crazy.

Ding Ding Ding!

You just won a super-simple recipe! Get it here!

Swiss Chard, The Good Way
(also works for kale and other leafy greens)

Heat a big saute pan, and melt a generous pat of butter. Add a clove or three of freshly crushed garlic, stir to brown VERY gently.
As this is cooking, chop a big bunch of greens into strips, and chop those in half or thirds. (Use about three times as much raw greens as you think you need--they cook down a lot!)
Dump greens into pan, stir for a minute. Lower heat and place lid on pan, leave for a minute or three to steam. Stir greens, steam a couple minutes. Repeat until greens are done to your liking.
Eat hot!
Makes a great base for meat, fish, leftover taco filling, anything savory. Or add to pastas and casseroles as a side dish.
Seriously, I've eaten this for three days now. Sure beats taking a vitamin!

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