Tuesday, April 3, 2012

oh. my. wallet.

so I may have mentioned that my dude is Jewish. Well, it's that time of year again--clean out the fridge, toss anything leavened that'll go bad soon, and plan a week's worth of food.
Hi Passover.

I think so far this is the most we've spent on kosher-for-Passover food yet... that's what I get for wanting a pot roast. Yeah, it'll be dinner and at least a couple more lunches for the guy through the week, but any way you cut it, kosher meat is expensive.

The good news is multifold. Firstly, we already have a set of special cookware saved aside for this particular week of no leavened anything. I get paid soon. This only happens once a year. And I get to make all kinds of things that normally we don't have, like baked chicken, beef stir-fry, and the aforementioned pot roast. I don't think the guy has ever had pot roast. (Yes, his childhood was wanting in several departments.)
Addendum: it's not that we can't have these things during the rest of the year, it's that we eat milky most of the time and every so often have burgers or steak when we get a craving for meat. Fake meat works just as well for burritos or a quick sandwich, and it's cheaper.

For a more thorough explanation of kosher laws, check this out:

And Passover:

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