Friday, April 13, 2012

Kitchen gadget love

Well, I bit the bullet and got a mandoline. Oh. My. Gravy. Best twenty bucks I've ever spent!

So we don't usually do potato dishes around here, but now that I have a super slice-o-matic, believe you me I'll be making just about everything au gratin.
It begins with potatoes.
Of course I'm using potatoes--it's Passover and we have more than I know what to do with.

~snick snick snick~

A sharp blade is a wonderful thing. Much safer and easier to use than a dull one--don't let them fool you with cheap serrated blades. Those things from the dollar store may work for a little while, but eventually they rip and tear your food rather than slicing it neatly. Far better to spend the money on equipment that will last with good care.

Granted, the model I got was something very basic from a lower-end big box store (brought to you by the letter K), but there are 3 thinness settings and a nice plastic gripper to prevent you from flaying your hand on that last little bit of vegetable. In all, it works and I'm amazed. I sliced four spuds in about a minute, each as nice and thin as can be.
Refrigerator pickles are also on the list. Gosh. Home-made coleslaw and kimchee.
Bring it, summer. I'm ready.

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