Wednesday, January 13, 2010


well, I'm only at work for an hour today between errands and such, so I'll have to make sure to post about this in its entirety later.

It seems like reading A Book of Five Rings and going to dojo more often are coming together in a good way. Although a white belt (beginner/n00b/etc.) I'm starting to get to the point where more confidence will really help me to do everything effectively (as in not be afraid when some huge muscly dude comes at me). Plus, going to dojo more often means more exercise ^^ along with helping me stick to doing this over the long term. It's hard to get motivated to practice something every day; at best I'll go every 2-3 days usually, but this should help develop some constancy in my habits. I really have been wanting to be better about doing the things I ought to regularly, and I feel that with going to dojo and studying this book I can do that better.
More on this later!

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