Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm eating in the lab!

Let me explain: in a place often associated with arcane equipment and dangerous chemicals of all kinds, there is a place where I can nuke some leftovers in a conveniently close microwave and eat them right here at the bench.

It seems weird that eating in a lab makes me feel a bit rougish, even like a rebel, but when one goes through the mandatory safety training, one of the biggest things they stress (aside from safely seperating different kinds of chemicals) is the absolutely no eating or drinking in the lab rule. This is pretty fun. (and yes, my life really is this exciting.)

Now granted, I'm not down in the lab where I usually work--this one is on a different floor and under someone else's eye. It was interesting to see all the signs around here saying "No hazardous materials allowed! Designated area for food and drink!" It's remarkable; the place feels much more human and less sanitary/robotic/sterile.

Anything tastes better when forbidden but you get some and cherish every bite anyway. I'm going to enjoy my couscous.

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